Hey there, I'm Alex Phillips

I started taking pictures with a film camera I found at an antique store, with well-loved Pentax lenses from my dad's collection. 

I am currently a PhD student at Caltech studying geochemistry. Often when I need a break from science, I turn to photography. I have been using this art-form as a happy escape from chemistry for over seven years, gradually growing my film camera collection and expanding to engagement, wedding, family, and lifestyle photography. 


I am based in Southern California and I have no travel fees within San Diego to Santa Barbara. I am also happy to travel to new places to take photos! 


I like to shoot happy people in bright light, capturing moments with natural sun. I also love to explore outdoor locations with new people! My editing style is colorful, but classic. My black and whites are high contrast and emotional. 


Instagram: alex.phillips.photography