Favorite Los Angeles Photo Locations

I went to graduate school in Los Angeles and spend six (long!) years exploring the best locations for families and couples photos in the wider area. I love the mixture of mountains, beaches, architecture, and gardens. This list is not comprehensive, but I wanted to give potential clients a few of my go-to spots for making photo magic.

El Metador

Perhaps the most famous and Instagram worthy beach in Malibu, El Metador is a beautiful spot for families and couples. Parking and shooting here on weekends or busy weeks is a complete nightmare though, so I have a strict weeknight only policy here! However, if you're willing to be patient, the lighting and views are 100% worth it!


The Caltech campus in Pasadena has incredible architecture, especially when the bougainvillea is blooming on the archways! I love exploring the campus in the late afternoon on weekdays or weekends. There is also an adorable turtle pond that is perfect for candids with kids. Once a year there are also beautiful bright yellow ginkgo trees.

Santa Monica

Another famous Los Angeles Beach! I love shooting at Santa Monica, especially when LA clients want beach photos on the weekend because the expansive beach allows us to shoot at sunset even on crowded days. I still prefer weekdays because of parking, but this is a great spot to consider for classic beach shots as a family or couple.

Huntington Gardens

The Huntington Gardens are one of the most beautiful spots in Pasadena to explore and take casual photos on weekdays. They have an incredible cactus garden that looks spectacular on a cloudy day. In the spring, they also have a number of blooming ginkgo trees and cherry blossoms that make for gorgeous backgrounds.